Saturday, 22 October 2011

News on the 'home' front

We've been working like busy bees here at the gallery, and slowly but surely it's starting to come together.

The orders have been trickling in and the furniture comes in like a waterfall. One thing that should be known about the owner of this gallery, the man LOVES furniture. He has a crazy knack for finding the coolest stuff.

Like this:

Jam Cupboard extraordinaire

Coffee table for the industrialist {excuse my bad iPhone photo skills}

Next week holds promise of the new window sign arriving, and a happy goodbye to the old clunker that blocks the sun.

We have merchandise that will blow your socks off and can't be found anywhere else. More Newgate clocks from London, leather cuffs and belts, and the pillowcases! How could we forget to mention those!

Funny enough, the pillowcases were ordered a couple of weeks ago. I followed up the order this week with an e-mail and the owner/creator of these beauties apologized for putting our order on the back burner because....wait for it.....she was busy finishing up some pillowcases for MARTHA STEWART and HGTV. Seriously?! Martha frickin' Stewart.

Um, that's ok. Take your time. Because of the delay, here's a sneak peak:

Japanese & Marimekko fabric!

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